WalkingI have been blogging now for a few years, and writing is part of my profession. Blogging id more enjoyable though. There is something in the discipline of writing that sharpens ideas and fleshes them out. I have been on a faith journey since I emerged from the haze and confusion of adolescence, much of it self-induced.

Stepping out of that myopic existence I began to get an inkling that there existed a world of truth, and I wanted to encounter it. So I set off. If you are interested, you can read the rest of my story and follow my journey here.

Along the way, I found that perspective is a powerful thing. It makes all the difference. We filter things through our perspective without even knowing what it is, and gaining a different perspective is usually eye-opening.

My aim for this site is to provide what I hope may be a different perspective that will help you on your journey. If you stop by, leave a note because “no man is an island”; we are in this world together as fellow journeyers. Godspeed on your journey!

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